3 Essential Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Allowing Them to Give a Repair Estimate

1. Are you a licensed plumber? Or for a company, will the plumbers who perform the repairs in my home be licensed? Why is this so critical? Well in most states it is rather difficult to obtain the master plumber certification which comes with licensing. There are difficult written exams, Plumbing Industry Problems work experience requirements and this typically discourages the “handyman” who knows a little plumbing from pursuing the license. A plumber who is licensed had already demonstrated that they are committed to the business and are far less likely to be a here today, gone tomorrow.
2. What are all of the fees associated with an estimate? Many companies lure in potential customers with the classic bait and switch technique of offering a “free estimate” which is actually only free if you hire them to perform the work. If you decide on using a different company you will often be stuck with a trip charge that can make the whole repair all the more expensive. Take the time to learn exactly what the company policy is for “free estimates” and it could save you money in the long run.
3. Do your plumbing trucks carry parts needed for most common repairs? Plumbers often charge by the hour and this can include trip fees. If you take the time to ask a company whether or not they will have to make multiple trips to your home in order to complete your repair you may save yourself a great deal of money in the long run. The other added benefit of asking this question is you are able to see how well a company operates. Companies that maintain fully stocked trucks generally have better management since they realize that every additional trip is wasted time and money. The companies that operate more efficiently generally have better leadership and that leadership is usually going to make for a better customer experience.
These are just a few questions that any consumer should ask before 2019 Plumbing Products hiring a plumber to perform any work inside a residence.

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